World Pizza Day!

World Pizza Day

What type of pizza do Slovenians prefer?

People around the world eat about five billion pizzas in a year. Americans eat an average of 46 slices of pizza a year. The most popular pizza is still the classic, i.e. with cheese and salami. When to share interesting facts about pizza if not on World Pizza Day? They also bake 600 pizzas a day in a popular pizzeria in Ljubljana, where special attention is paid to the dough and the high quality of the ingredients.

The first pizza was baked approximately 250 years ago in Naples, Italy, which is still considered the cradle of truly authentic pizza. You can also find such a pizza in one of Ljubljana’s pizzerias.

“The secret is practice, process and practice, thousands and thousands of pizzas. We use selected flours, top Italian ingredients and that’s where it starts,” explains Greg Yurkovich from Pops Pizza. The right choice of flour and the method of preparation are also important for a good dough: “Every day we mix the dough for the next day, it takes 24 to 36 hours of fermentation. After preparing the dough, we choose the type of pizza,” he adds. In the Ljubljana pizzeria, they use as much as 75 kilograms of flour every day.

And which one do we Slovenians prefer? “Vegetable or vegetarian,” says one of the passers-by. Pizza with prosciutto and arugula and margherita are also popular.

Even in the Pops Pizza pizzeria, they notice that Slovenians swear by margaritas. Yurkovich says that you get to know a pizzeria through a margarita. And how do they make it? “San marzano or good pelata, good quality. A little parmesan or grana padano, a little basil and mozzarella. One handful of about 100 grams, a couple of tomatoes,” he explains.

They prepare as many as 600 pizzas a day and use 30 kilograms of cheese for them. Such a pizza also requires a special oven with plates of volcanic origin, the temperature is as high as 450 degrees Celsius, and it is baked in just one minute.

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