We have spent years scouring the narrow streets and ports of Napoli to learn about what a real Pizza Napoletana is. We attended the elite institutes of pizza making, worked in the best pizzerias and have tried all the great pizzas in Napoli and now we are taking our passion and knowledge back to Ljubljana to share with our customers.

Pop's place pizza Ljubljana

Pizza Napoletana
“Pizza Napoletana” dates back to the 1700’s when bakers in Napoli used flat breads to cool down their ovens then then were eaten by hungry fisherman in the ports. The tradition of eating simple “pizzas” with a tomato sauce continued until 1889 when a humble baker made a pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy in her honor by making a pizza representing the three colors of Italy. Today the “Margherita” is considered the one true pizza, which all others are compared to.
An authentic “Vera Pizza Napoletana” uses high quality flour (usually type “00”), is fermented for 24 hours, is baked in about 1 minute and use the highest quality Italian ingredients with long traditions such a “San Marzano” tomatoes and “Bufala” cheese. A perfect Pizza Napoletana is thin in the middle and have a light fluffy crust that is baked to perfection.

Our Dough
A perfect pizza starts with a perfect dough and we are obsessed with ours. Our dough began 20 years ago with a “Lievito Madre” (sourdough) that started with the famous De Rinaldi family in the hills of Vomero above Napoli. We use the best Italian flour and ferment our dough for up to 48 hours using only traditional methods in order to give you a crust that is light, digestible, and full of complex flavors.

Our Ingredients
We have sourced the best Italian and regional ingredients for our pizzas. We use Organic San Marzano tomatoes and the best mozzarella from Campania in addition to products that represent the best of Italy, Slovenia and Istria.

Greg Yurkovich