Top 50 Pizza Europe 2023 …

Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona is the best pizzeria in Europe for 2023, Bæst in Copenhagen and 50 Kalò in London took second and third place. Pop’s Place Pizza in Ljubljana, Slovenia ranked 40th.

The event took place this year in Barcelona in an exciting ceremony presented by Verónica Zumalacárregui. Pop’s Place Pizza reached a new milestone this year, moving up three spots. Last year it took 43rd place and this year it took 40th place.

Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona is the best pizzeria of the ’50 Top Pizza Europe’ for 2023. This was announced this afternoon by the most influential guide in the world of pizza during a ceremony broadcast live on their social networks and presented by journalist Verónica Zumalacárregui. An unprecedented success for the pizzeria run by Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre, who also received the special award Pizza of the Year 2023 – Latteria Sorrentina (Pizza of the Year 2023 – Latteria Sorrentina), for roasted cherry tomato sauce, mozzarella and Dutch basil.

Second place in the 50 Top Pizza Europe 2023 is Bæst, a pizzeria owned by the Italian Christian Puglisi in Copenhagen, which was the star of one of the last Sartoria Panatieri Sessions in Barcelona. Completing the podium is the London pizzeria 50 Kalò, by Ciro Salvo, which has been at the top of the guide since its first edition, which also received a special award for the best fried pasta pie 2023 – Pastificio Di Martino.

Spain ranks three of this year’s pizzerias among the 10 best on the old continent, and a new entry in the guide is recorded with the recently awarded Baldoria in Madrid, which was opened in the capital last year and also received a special New Award. Entry in 2023 – Solania Award.

Other special awards are the Performance of the Year 2023 – Robo Award for the French company IMperfetto from Puteaux; Best Service 2023 – Goeldlin Award (Best Service 2023 – Goeldlin Award) for La Pizza è Bella Gourmet from Brussels; Best Beer Service 2023 – Birrificio Fratelli Perrella Award (Best Beer Service 2023 – Birrificio Fratelli Perrella Award) for Demaio, in Bilbao; and finally, One to Watch 2023 – Fedegroup Award (One to Watch 2023 – Fedegroup Award) for Cloud Factory from Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

The group of eco-conscious pizzerias in Europe continues to grow in Europe, which is why six Green Oven awards were presented this year, a symbol that distinguishes the establishment’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona; Bæst in Copenhagen; Force in Helsinki; La Pizza è Bella Gourmet in Brussels; MO de Movimiento in Madrid and Flat Earth in London make up a sextet of European pizzerias awarded for their sustainable practices. Spain is the most represented country in the guide, which already includes 33 countries, with a total of 17 pizzerias; it is followed by England with 16, Germany with 15 and France with 13. In general, the European movement for quality pizza has seen a big boost in the last year. More and more good pizzerias are opening in Slovenia as well.

Below is the list of awarded pizzerias ’50 top Pizza Europa’ 2023?

1 Sartoria Panatieri – Barcelona, Spain

2 Bæst – Copenhague, Dinamarca

3 50 Kalò – Londres, Inglaterra

4 Via Toledo Enopizzeria – Vienna, Austria

5 Pizza Zulù – Fürth, Germany

6 Fratelli Figurato – Madrid, España

7 Forza – Helsinki, Finland

8 Naples on the Road – London, England

9 nNea – Amsterdam, Países Bajos

10 La Balmesina – Barcelona, Spain

11 IMperfetto – Puteaux, Francia

12 La Pizza è Bella Gourmet – Brussels, Belgium

13 Baldoria – Madrid, Spain

14 Kytaly – Ginebra, Suiza

15 La Piola Pizza – Brussels, Belgium

16 Forno d’Oro – Lisboa, Portugal

17 Demaio – Bilbao, Spain

18 L’Antica Pizzeria – London, England

19 Malafemmena – Berlín, Alemania

20 Surt – Copenhague, Dinamarca

21 Guillaume Grasso – Paris, France

22 ‘O Ver – Londres, Inglaterra

23 Pizzeria Luca – Copenhagen, Denmark

24 San Gennaro – Zurich, Switzerland

25 Matto Napoletano – Skopje, República de Macedonia del Norte

26 Belli di Mamma – Budapest, Hungary

27 Little Pyg – Dublin, Ireland

28 Odori – Atenas, Grecia

29 Piazza Sorrento – Krefeld, Germany

30 La Manifattura – París, Francia

31 Pizzeria Luca – Helsinki, Finland

32 Mr. Pizza – Dortmund, Germany

33 Master I Margarita – Belgrade, Serbia

34 Sharp. – Danzig, Polonia

35 450°C – Turku, Finland

36 Cloud Factory – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

37 Animaletto Pizza Bar – Bucharest, Romania

38 Ciao a Tutti – Varsovia, Polonia

39 Pietra – Belgrade, Serbia

40 Pop’s Pizza – Ljubljana, Slovenia

41 Oro di Napoli – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

42 Arte Bianca – Sagres, Portugal

43 Franko’s Pizza & Bar – Zagreb, Croatia

44 Dalmatia – París, Francia

45 Infraganti Pizza Bar – Alicante, España