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Grand opening pops place ljubljana

Have you ever wondered where to find the best pizza in the city centre of Ljubljana? From yesterday on you can try out a real neapolitan pizza in the heart of the city!  POP’S PIZZA & SPORT PLACE will fulfill all your pizza dreams and become one of your all time favourite spots in Ljubljana.

After a successful story with hamburgers (POP’S PLACE) family Raspopović and Grega Yurkovich decided to make the most of the next great culinary trend that conquers Europe… Neapolitan pizzas! Their mission? To create another popular spot for all gourmet lovers who appreciate the best ingredients and creativity when it comes to pizzas. So, what to expect from POP’S PIZZA & SPORT? Gourmet Neapolitan Pizza with a touch of Brooklyn Style, good wine, cold raftbeer & amazing vibes! And not just pizzas… Also interior design of a restaurant is on point. Chandeliers and shiny gold details will definitely take your breath away. 

You can find POP’S PIZZA & SPORT  place on the adress Street Breg 2.  Welcome to stop by!


Photos from grand opening were made by one and only Marko Ocepek